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At EOE, our primary objective is to tailor our consulting capacity strategically with that of our clients requirements, and ensure clients receive the absolute highest quality equipment and the most dependable services at the most competitive prices in the industry.  We believe in pure excellence as with our devotion and due diligence bridging solid networks within the industry and more.

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EEC offers parts for Sharples, Hutch Hayes, Derrick, NOV, Swaco, Bird, Alfa Laval and almost all other horizontal decanters available. A full line of electrical parts from starters to VFD's are also available. Contact Us to have your parts request quoted today. Typical lead time 2-3 business days on most parts.

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Stands and stationery platforms are a must when operating solids control equipment. Our stand designs are specific to each particular piece of equipment and can be custom designed to meet application specific requests or needs. Stand rentals are also offered on a month to month term.

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EEC specializes in supplying the absolute highest quality horizontal decanters and vertical cuttings dryers. We began our journey remanufacturing equipment to an OEM "As New" condition for customers and have since began manufacturing new decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers.

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